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Notification for the 31st edition of the Cinema festival is opened in Cuba
The 31 edition of the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema will be held in Havana, from the 3 until the 13 of December 2009 and is calling, as every year, to the Fiction, Documentary and Animation, Opera Prima, Unpublished Scripts and Posters competitions. At the same time, its program has a wide and representative exhibition of the Latin American and world contemporary cinema, as well as meetings and seminaries about different cultural topics, especially cinematographic.

The 10 of September closes the period of inscriptions to the works to compete in the 31 edition of the Havana festival, an event that has the purpose of recognizing and spreading cinematographic works that contribute, from its meaning and artistic values, to the enrichment and reaffirmation of the Latin American and Caribbean cultural identity.

The regulations of the Festival and the registration forms are available at the web site


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