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Salamanca Spain Rallies for Cuba
The demonstration will take place Saturday, from Puerta de Zamora to the central Square. The slogan is "Cuba is not alone, 50 years of Revolution."

The march will also condemn the celebration in Salamanca of a meeting by anti-Cuban counterrevolutionary groups.

The call states "we can not allow that Salamanca, Madrid, and the Spanish State turn into a new Miami, supported by the most reactionary elements of this country's right wing, as well as Mafia and fascist groups."

It also denounces those who pretend to turn Spain into a refugee for those who only fueled the hatred and lies against the Cuban Revolution and its people.

The solidarity forum with Cuba emerged in October 2005 to celebrate in that city the 15th Ibero-American Summit, which brought together more than 15,000 people in a solidarity rally with the Caribbean island.


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