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Spanish Version of The Magic Flute to be Premiered in Havana
Producer Andreas Baesler told the press that this project is the fruit of several years of cooperation between TLN and its German counterparts from Erfurt, Gelsenkirchen and Nuremberg, with the support of the German, Austrian and Swiss Embassies.

Baesler underlined that this piece, conceived by Mozart for the people, highlights the universal values of mankind. He added that the staging has the virtue of bringing events to present time, and praised the work and quality of the young Cuban lyric singers and the choir participating in this version.

The producer also stressed that the presentation, with a more contemporary style, is close to the ideas of late playwright Bertold Bretch of realistic and sincere representation.

Assistant director María Elena Soteras, said that work has been very intense, but that there were no ethical or aesthetic contradictions with the team of German technicians (lights, design, costumes and musical direction), which contributed to a free-flowing, coherent creative process.

Premiered in 1791 in Vienna, the plot of The Magic Flute is a strange mixture of fantasy and symbolism, but everyone agrees that Mozart´s music gives the legend an air of poetry, mystery and holiness.

Since 2007, Baesler has carried out preparatory stage and music workshops with Cuban lyric singers, besides giving lecture on theater and scenographic direction, and on lighting design.


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