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The Cuban Eusebio Leal received the Medal of the World Ten Year Period
Francoise Riviére, general sub-director for Culture, in that entity, gave the recognition to this man who is also a PhD in Historical Sciences, master in Studies on Latin America, the Caribbean and Cuba and specialist in Archaeology.

Riviére classified the Project of integral revitalization of Old Havana as an “epicentre of creative experience in world heritage” who is passionately defended by this man.

UNESCO wants programs that promote an ecologically equilibrated, socially fair, economically viable and culturally diverse advance and that is precisely what you have demonstrated, said the director on the master conference of Leal about the integral management model of the oldest part of Havana.

The recognition activity took place in the Education, Science and Culture universal house from Paris, in which occasion Riviére also gave him the diploma that places the historical center from the Cuban capital as a Wolrd Heritage Site since 1982.

For me it is very important to reach this day, because the dialogue between cultures, the encounter between civilizations in the complicated world in which we are to live, deserves this moment well, pointed out the guest of honor, whose words are quoted by the press agency Prensa Latina.

Leal has already been awarded in other occasions in France, where he also received the Victor Hugo medal from UNESCO.


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