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The books “Del diario de Eva y otras prehistorias,” by Encinosa and “Vacas” by Orizondo were considered as very promising works by the young generation of writers.

Yanelys said that her book is a genesis-related work, not only because it is her first work, but also because it is the result of her search of the origins of centers with strong influence in her own life: communication with human transcendence, the relations of a couple, having a baby, poetic activity.

Yanelys began her project in the beginning of her pregnancy, so both creative processes evolved in a parallel way and both interacted. The book is center on the woman as the voice of the book; every issue, every biblical, historic and intimate pretext is treated with that spirit, from a woman’s sensitiveness.

Meanwhile, Rogelio Orizondo is still taking his professional course at the Higher Institute of Arts and he said that the theme of his work, “Vaca” is fully theatrical; it depicts a love triangle which includes women, but the main conflict is not determined by the sexual preferences of those women, but by their social conflicts.


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