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Cuban Singer Pedro Luis Ferrer Captivates Public in Las Tunas
The famed singer, applauded by the spectators, played the three-double-string guitar in an outstanding way to sing musical genres like guaracha, changüí and son.

Ferrer interpreted anthological songs such as La vaquita Pijirigua, Aunque se caiga el cielo, Pelito de mi bigote, Estimado Mario Agüei, with which this guitarist, show the social reality and the human attitudes and transforms them into reflexive topics.

Pedro Luis Ferrer began to work as an amateur musician in the second half of the 1960's and as a professional one in 1970, when he began to carry out presentations in countries like Poland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Peru and United States.  

In his records there are productions like Debajo de mi voz, Espuma y arena, and Ciento por ciento cubano, among others.


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