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Guitarist Daniel Martina at Havana Jazz Plaza
On Thursday night, he was one of the artists that inaugurated the Festival at the Amadeo Roldan Theater. On Saturday he played at the Mella Theater at 8:30 and on Sunday, 5:00 p.m., at the America Theater.

Martina took his first steps in music with private professors, in folklore and music theory. He continued his studies in the city of Rosario at the UNR Music School and more specifically with Santiago Grande Castelli, a professor in harmony and jazz improvisation. He went on to study in Buenos Aires with jazz guitarist and composer Armando Alonso (one of Dino Saluzzi’s musicians).

On his own, he studied by the teaching method of Boston’s Berklee College of Music (book by W. Leavitt) and through different workshops of the Guitar Institute Technology (GTI) in Los Angeles.

En 1996, along with Sergio Santi and several guest musicians, he produced the CD Propinas under the Machine Sound Production label.

Since 1997, Daniel Martina has gone solo as Martina & Cia, incorporating folklore compositions to his jazz repertoire. This derived into his first CD as a solist: Tute (1999).

This album participated in the production category of the Rosario Municipal Culture contest, and was selected, along with the work of another four interpreters, to form part of the CD Musica popular rosarina, released in January 2001.

He has participated in the most prestigious jazz festivals of the world, and has shared the stage with talented guitarists Luis Salinas and Ricardo Lew.

Concepts, rather than the purely virtuoso aspect, excel in Martina’s sound. In his case, the double glance he takes at the conventions of the genre and the roots of his local culture combine for a surprising find.

Here in Cuba, he has joined his art to that of bassist Jorge Reyes, who, with a small format group, is ideal to support Martina’s inventions. Reyes is one of the most outstanding exponents of his instrument in the Cuban jazz scenario.


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