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Cuban Alcolea Leads Cycling Tour of Cuba
Alcolea is followed by Alien Garcia, and other Cuban national team members Yasmani Martínez, Lizardo Benítez and Raúl Granjel, ahead of Mexican Jesus Zarate.

Adonis Cardose, riding for the Manuel Fajardo Physical Culture Higher Institute squad, moved from 13th to 7th position, being one of the few changes in the overall qualifications.

Alcolea also leads the regularity, Yordanis Crespo the sprints, while Yasmani Jiménez leads the under-23 category and Cuba leads the team category.

This Thursday, Yunier Alonso, from Havana province won the 196 kilometer (122.5 mile) stage between Santiago de Cuba and Manzanillo, in eastern Granma province.

Alonso, who in previous years had reached 2nd and 3rd position in some stages, won his first event in a Tour of Cuba tournament, setting a new record for this particular leg with a time of 4:25.21, breaking the previous record of 4:45.21 by five-time Tour of Cuba champion, Pedro Pablo Perez.

On Friday the stage will be an 83-kilometer race between Bayazo and Holguin city, with sprints in Cauto Cristo (32nd kilometer) an Cacocún (57th).

(Juventud Rebelde)

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