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Cuba to promote cultural Project for children and young people
The Ministries of Education and Culture, the Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas (Union of Communist Youth) and the José Martí Pioneer Organization, the Art Instructors Brigade (image) and the Radio and Television Institute, among other will contribute together to the development of five massive projects that require high quality.

Fernando Rojas, vice-minister for Culture, told AIN that these proposals gather the collective effort in order to have its base stage in the communities and the school and so that it may reach the People’s Council, municipalities and provinces.

The teacher has to be a main star in these projects with the support and the technical assessment of the art instructors, he explained, which will contribute to the strengthening of values and to reinforce national identity.

One of the projects is to promote the contest De donde crece la palma (From where the Palm Tree grows), born in the Granma province, which this year is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Revolution and which is already in its final stage. Another project is the eleventh edition of the national contest Leer a Martí (To Read Martí).

The Festivals of Pioneer Songs, Cuba, qué linda es Cuba (Cuba, beautiful Cuba), whose Honor Committee is presided over by the singer Omara Portuondo and the Pioneer choir 50th anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution are added from this month onwards and its announcements will shortly reach every school.

The competition Para bailar casino (To dance Casino), which will be presided by the Music National Award Winner Adalberto Álvarez, is the fifth project underway from its presentations and it will be born in the schools with the decisive support of the Culture Houses of every location.

Lissete Atmeller, president of the José Martí Art Instructors Brigade, told the press that those thousands of young people placed as staff will be promoters and advisers to the development of those projects.


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