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Buena Vista Social Club Looses Another Member
As of 1996, he played on every track on every album in the World Circuit 'Buena Vista Social Club' series of CDs and was featured in Wim Wenders' documentary nominated for the Oscars in 2000. He also used to play at Cuba's Symphonic Orchestra and, more recently he accompanied late Ibrahim Ferrer and Rubén González on several world tours.

"Cachaíto", as he was friendly referred to, was one of the finest bass players in Cuba and, by extension, in the world. He was the last one of a family line of great Cuban musicians and composers. His father and uncle had revolutionized Cuban music by pushing African rhythms to the forefront, thus paving the way for mambo.

Buena Vista's assistant producer Freddy Fernández said that ten days ago "Cachaíto" underwent prostate surgery successfully, but that he later developed complications.


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