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Cuban Biotechnology Products in 58 Countries of the World
The expansion of the sector reveals the potential of the Cuban scientific community, in its effort to increase its contribution to the search for more effective formulas in the field of medicine, both in the country and at international level, said the expert.

Lage Davila explained that the biotechnology industry contributes the Cuban Health Ministry over 160 products, which reveals the significance of the centers working in the scientific area.

The biotechnological products, aimed at achieving more accurate diagnosis of
specific diseases, include clinical essays on cancer vaccines and the production of recombinant proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Also included is the production of a natural restorative and anti-anemia product, known as TROFIN, mainly dedicated to the local Mother-child attention program. The product is being developed at the National Immunology Center in this eastern city.

Doctor Lage Davila, an outstanding Cuban scientist and author of numerous works in the field of medicine, attended the last session of the Third Provincial Forum on Biotechnology, held here.


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