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Raul Castro Tours Angola Industrial facilities
The Cuban president also attended a presentation at the CSG automobile assembly factory, which began to operate recently.

That factory will assemble 5,000 cars a year, when working at full capacity.

Raul Castro appreciated the diversity in models, including 20-seat microbuses, larger buses and four-seat trucks.

Later, the Cuban president toured the areas where future factories of yogurt and Coppelia ice cream are being built, both with Cuban technology.

Cuban Engineer Jorge Ibanez told President Raul Castro that the produce of both factories will be devoted to school lunches.

The Special Economic Zone is an industrial city with 70 factories producing from food to construction materials, and the facility will also be used as a large warehouse in the New Luanda.

Located 12 miles south of the Angolan capital, the Special Economic Zone is one of the Angolan government's bets for the country's reconstruction.

Raul Castro will meet on Friday with a representative group of the Cuban collaborators that work in the fields of health, education, construction, and other sectors in Angola.

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