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Biran Hometown of the Castro Ruz Family Declared National Monument
Biran, located 750 kilometers east of Havana in the province of Holguin, is a secluded settlement surrounded by hills and sugarcane fields. The natural bounties of the municipality, which includes a natural 20 meter long bridge over a river tributary, in addition to the perfect state of conservation of 11 buildings which follow traditional Cuban architecture, were the criteria that led to the nomination.

It was in Biran that the father of Fidel and Raul, Angel Castro, a former soldier of the Spanish Army, settled. He raised a family of six children and went from a poor farmer in Spain to owning an 11,000-hectare state, mostly dedicated to sugarcane production. The family house, which was destroyed by fire in 1954, was rebuilt almost to perfection and has been turned into a museum.


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