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Cuban Biotechnology Working on New Projects to Fight Diseases
Some of the diseases to be targeted by the new projects include cardiovascular conditions, cancer, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B and C, said the director of Biomedical Research at the CIGB, doctor Gerardo Guillen, as cited in an article posted on Radio Rebelde Webpage.

“We, Cubans, have somehow benefited from Cuban biotechnology, since our center alone has contributed over 10 products to the National Health Care System, which have helped improve the people’s quality of life and saved many lives,” said dr. Guillen.

The specialist particularly referred to a medication that dissolves blood clots, known as Recombinant Streptokinase, which helped some 400 patients to recover from their condition in 2008.

Doctor Guillean pointed out that since the year 2000, Cuba has not reported any children below five who have been affected by Hepatitis B thanks to the administration of the vaccine against that disease, created by the CIGB.

In 2008, the scientific center exported 15 major products, useful in the areas of biomedicine and livestock health to 32 nations.


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