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Cuban President Raul Catro Says Relations with Russia Have a New Dynamic
President Castro attended a working lunch offered by his Russian counterpart Dimitri Medvedev at the Kremlim as part of the official visit of the Cuban president to that nation, reported Cuba’s national television news network.

During the lunch, Medvedev said he highly values the possibility of a new path of relations with Cuba and added that he was happy for the visit of Raul Castro to his country. The Russian leader said the visit gave him the opportunity to appreciate the level of relations and the new opportunities to develop true strategic bonds that are being created.

During conversations with the island’s official, Medvedev talked about his trip to Havana in December 2008 and the positive environment.

Finally, Medvedev honored the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution and wished Fidel Castro a speedy recovery.

Raul Castro thanked the Russian head of state on behalf of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for his interest in deepening relations with the island.
Castro said the outcome of the Intergovernmental Commission on Collaborations showed the great potential for development in the economic field between the two countries. He stressed the importance of implementing agreements signed during his visit to Russia.

“Particularly admirable is the fact that our economic bonds are growing stronger amidst a worldwide economic crises, therefore I am convinced that Cuba-Russia collaboration, which is based on new dynamics, will continue to develop successfully,” said Castro.

He also made reference to the unconditioned, respectful and support of the Russian people for many years.

“Cubans will never forget this extraordinary gesture of brotherhood,” Raul noted, and wished the best to Russia and the bonds of friendship between that country and Cuba.


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