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Holguin Cuba to Apply Diagnosis Blend Against Toxoplasmosis
Developed by the Immunology and Bio-preparations Center in Holguin, this blend for diagnosis can reveal the presence of the aggressive parasite, which has a high incidence in the world and in Cuba, where scientific research shows that it affects about 30 percent of the population.

According to Dr. Rolando Sanchez, director of the institution, the diagnostic blend is of particular importance for population groups at risk, such as pregnant women, because toxoplasmosis can cause abortion and neonatal risks, among other consequences.

The diagnostic blend is included among the many innovations of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA) in 2008.

María Eugenia Torres, senior specialist of the agency, reported that the production of Trofin Vital by the Center for Immunology Bio-preparations, as well as the software for the statistical management of patients with hip fractures by the subsidiary company of the “Mariana Grajales” Medical Sciences Institute also joined the innovations in 2008.

The achievements of CITMA in Holguin also include the radiological monitoring of the environmental, risk estimation and studies of seismic vulnerability, as well as the digitization of the national geological resources.


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