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In Ciego de Avila Cuba New Anaesthesia Equipment Favours Quality of Surgical Services
“The anaesthesia should be administered by a specialist in anaesthesiology who knows the specific drugs of the speciality in order to prevent or treat medical complications”, as stated by Lázaro Pérez Callejas, the head of the anaesthesiology and reanimation services of the provincial hospital.

With the new equipment, whose price at the international market exceeds 20 000 dollars, the medical institution counts on eight of such machines, which make for the quality of the work of the 14 anaesthesiologists who work at any of the 12 surgical wards of the center.

According to specialists in this medical branch, the economic blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba hinders the acquisition of a variety of medical equipment, among them those for monitoring and anaesthesia machines, which can turn out to be extremely expensive.

Pérez Callejas also expressed that despite this limitations they have the necessary technology to carry out advanced laparoscopic surgery as well as the operations in the four labour and caesarean section rooms.

Anaesthesiology and reanimation is a medical speciality dealing with the treatment of patients before, during and after any surgical operation. It also has to do with reanimation and the relief from severe pain.


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