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Cuba at Canary Islands 19th Oral Narration Festival
For two weeks, children, adults and youths enjoy narrators drawing the purpose of the word in the wonderful world of the fable, since the inauguration last January 23rd of the meeting, which will see the participation of artists from Germany, Cuba, Viet Nam and Spain.

Communication as the key for the art and narration as an avenue for dialogue from imagination and memory, reach the inhabitants of the archipelago, as much at theater stages as the schools and teaching centers, with works all narrated in Spanish language.

Children feel the Sunday matinees, and the event, along with the Culture Vice Councelling of the Canary Islands Government, take the seven narrators through diverse islands of the archipelago with the project “Circuito Canario de narración oral”.

So, not only at Las Palmas of Gran Canaria, but in the other communities thousands of people from all ages are able to participate in the event and to listen to Spanish Felix Albo with his stories with people “from here and from there”, as well as the Cuban Mayra Navarro (image), one of the most prestigious cultivators of the genre in her country, since her presence at “La hora del cuento”, along with her teacher, poet and National Literature Award laureate Eliseo Diego, at the Jose Marti National Library, to her community work in the spaces of the Historic Center of the City of Havana.

She’s scheduled to make two shows: “Como me lo contaron te lo cuento”, dedicated to childhood, which integrates the story into the riddle, and “Cuentos de mujeres”, dedicated to the adult public, which makes a tour from “Eva, el paraíso” to the present of the women in our time.

Among other contestants is German Christian Atanasaiu, who participate with “JugLar con las palabras”, a selection of texts from his last two shows, “QUEmexpliQUE!?” and “El dOn dedOndÓnde”.

This Gran Canaria event also sees the performance of Pepe Bruno Michelle Nguyen, Antonio Lopez and Maisa Marban.


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