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Cuban GM Dominguez Wins First in Corus Chess 2009
Dominguez, who had drawn his first four matches, is still undefeated at the XIX category, and his aggressive game caused the specialists dubbed him as “ambitious” after defeating Morozevich this Thursday.

 In a well known Najdorf middlegame position, the Russian introduced a new move and entered a line where white was nursing a small and steady advantage.

After some curious moves the Russian GM already had some serious problems, which he could not solve. Maybe at some moment he should have taken some gamble, and later sacrifice the exchange, as in the game he found himself down a pawn with a worse position

With and outstanding move Dominguez had the final clincher, completing a surgeon-like job. Now Leinier has 3 points, and tomorrow he will face GM Smeets, which seems as a good chance for him to climb to the first position in this tournament. (acn)


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