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An excellent album from the EGREM Recording Label for two of the most important cuban artists
Together in the Amor y dolor (Love and Pain) CD, the music, interpreted by both of them constitutes one of the best things in this CD with pieces by the greatest Cuban composers from the end of the 19th century and the first halve of the 20th century, who dealt with Cuban music with a special mastery.

Some of them with a solid academic formation; some other, with a high artistic intuition, and all of them with very high sensibility, Cuban composers collected in this album are making a luxury comeback in the exceptional voice of Llanes and the masterly interpretation of Fernández.

EGREM album proposal is destined to those who prefer to listen to music that seems as if it had come out of the soul, instead of out of the stave, as is the case of the songs Perla marina by Sindo Garay or Cecilia Valdés by Gonzalo Roig.

In the album, recorded in 2003 also stand out Quirino con su tres by Emilio Grenet, Tú no sabe ingle a text by the Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén which was added music by Grenet and María La O, by Ernesto Lecuona.

Some other unforgettable melodies brought together in Amor y dolor are Corazón by Eduardo Sánchez de Fuentes, Ojos de sirena by Sindo Garay, Rosa Roja by Oscar Hernández, Cierra, cierra los ojos by Lecuona and Es el amor la mitad de la vida by José Marín Varona, among others.


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