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In Habana Calixto Congress 2009 to be held
During a press conference being made at this city;  Director and also Dr. Mario Delgado Guerra recalled that “this health facility shows up with the name of King Alfonso the 13th up to 1900 when it takes the name of Military Hospital Number One; being known as General Calixto García National Hospital in 1943 up to nowadays when it is finally called General Calixto García University Hospital.

“Besides being an outstanding center, he said, because of its teaching, assistance and scientific organization and offering countless medical and scientific formation to its professionals, there are several historical deeds in our institution”

The Director began mentioning them:

-Having being the shelter to many combatants of the students’ revolutionary struggles
-Also having been the site of reunions for future students’ mobilizations, one of them led by Fidel
-Having received a wounded student in 1963, it was about Ruben Batista, the first martyr of the revolution
-Having received the unforgettable Commander Camilo  Cienfuegos in 1955, specifically at the Burnt Unit.”  

The hospital’s director said the institution has had a series of changes and advancements right from the putting into practice of a General Program of Improvements meant to turn its general image even better and rescuing the historical, ethical and labor values; as well as its highly professional staff, discipline as a whole; its nurses  staff with remarkable conditions; its medical equipment that was strengthened with 633 new ones, among them magnetic and tomograph resonance; and its technical, engineering and managerial fields.

Dr Delgado outlines  that a group of researchers have jointly been working with a group of scientists from the Genetics and Biotechnology Institute linked to the vaccine branch  (fighting lung cancer and diabetes among other sufferings); at the same time the assistance service took care of more than 18 000 patients and operated more than 22 000 (from them 17 00 with the ambulatory modality)

The Director added the investment budget of the hospital has increased to 9,6 million pesos, national currency and 2,7 millions of dollars.

These figures will be meant for the refurbishment of 12 sites (out of 36) among them the emergency unit, the kitchen-cafeteria and the neural-surgery service having three surgery units,  and finally remarked that: “All this process will continue up to year 2011 aimed to be a sole goal: Excellence in our services.

(Radio Rebelde)

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