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Cuban GM Leinier Dominguez Ties 4 in a Rows
GM Leinier Dominguez played this Monday against Movsesian with black pieces. The specialists at the tournament described the match as peaceful; with the Russian GM avoiding the main Sicilian discussions and then the two of them followed a rare sideline where pieces were traded en masse. White was trying to make use of a slight structural supremacy, and declined a draw in the 25th move.

After that, the Cuban chose an active defense and after a couple of moves he was fine. In the final position, Movsesian’s activity and the vulnerable black king position offset the dangerous black pawn duo in the center, and the players smoked the peace pipe.

On Tuesday the Cuban GM will have the white pieces in his match against Russian GM Morozevich. Leinier remains in the 6-10 position, with 2 points.

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