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One of the Cuban Directors of Strawberry and Chocolate Premieres New Film
The film produced by the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) was previously presented in the recent 30th edition of New Latin American Film Festival held in Cuba every year, winning the third prize to the Best Fiction Film.

Horn of Plenty is a wonderfully crafted comedy that tells the story, of the descendants of a Spanish family, who, buoyed by the promise of a millionaire inheritance, band together to try to prove their eligibility as legitimate heirs. It takes place in an imaginary town named Yaraguey.

Among the actors and actresses are Jorge Perugorria, Laura de la Uz, Mirta Ibarra and Vladimir Cruz.

Tabio’s filmography includes: Se Permuta (1985), Plaff (1991), Strawberry and Chocolate (1993), El Elefante y la Bicicleta (1995), Guantanamera (1997) and Waiting List (2000).


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