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George W Bush Lamenting his Defeat Over Cuba
As he leaves office, George W. Bush regretted his defeat in the administration's objectives in destroying the Cuban Revolution, according to his own confessions during a radio interview directed at the minority right wing community in Miami.

He is another outgoing president that has not achieved that objective, despite his plan to re-conquer Cuba, approved on May 6th, 2004 and strengthened on July 10th, 2006, when a secret chapter was included in the Bush Plan.

"I think that freedom is universal and the best interest of this country is to promote freedom in all parts and at all times," he said.

The outgoing President added that: "I expected to have implemented the post Castro plan that we had prepared," and he regretted the fact that under his administration there had not been a political transition model implanted in Cuba.

Among the "Bush initiatives" during his 8 years in the White House, are strengthening the economic, commercial and financial blockade, which has been condemned year after year by the United Nations, limiting Cuban Americans from visiting their relatives on the island to once every three years, restricted family remittances and prohibiting academic and cultural exchanges between both sides.

Despite all that, in this short Miami program, Bush said: "My message to the Cuban people is that we listen to your pain and that life for you will improve." "No comment," he said afterwards; we relay this here without comment.

Without a doubt, Mr. Bush appears to be the most ignorant US president in the history of the country, and I believe that many Cuban radio listeners in Miami have ratified that on listening first hand to the regrets and silliness of the arrogant occupant of the White House, soon to abandon the Oval Office.


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