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Indigenous movie exhibitions Miradas Cruzadas in Havana
A selection of movies centered around the indigenous theme, made recently in Latin America and Canada, as well as an exhibition of Mexican indigenous cinema from the 2008 Morelia Festival will be shown in the Riviera cinema and in the movie room from the ICAIC Movie Cultural Center.

Thanks to its itinerant character, the main aim of the exhibition is to relate, through festivals, exhibitions and other least cultural spaces in different countries, two visions of the indigenous audio-visual: Latin American and Canadian, in order to go beyond regional borders and to create a bridge between the two American hemispheres for the indigenous cinema. The project collects representative materials of the autochthonous cultures that show the ancestral traditions and the current life of the indigenous communities.

Organized by the Regional Culture Office for Latin America and the Caribbean from UNESCO, together with the Canadian Embassy in Cuba and with the support of the4 EICTV and the fnCl, Miradas Cruzadas includes short and long documentaries from Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Great Britain, Mexico and Peru.


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