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In Cuba Luis Bunuels photographs at Camaguey gallery
The exhibition that brings images of different settings of his Mexican movies is part of a season organized by the Provincial Council of Plastic Arts, in cooperation with the Mexican Embassy in Havana and intends to divulge the unpublished work of this celebrated Aragonese movie maker.

The schedule also includes the screening of nine of his films.

On January 31st, the documentary film "El último guión. Buñuel en la memoria” which received standing ovations during the recent 30th Latin American New Cinema Festival held in Havana, will be shown in this Cuban eastern city. Here Javier Espada and Gaizka Urresti reveal unknown aspects of the life of the director of memorable films such as "Viridiana" (1961), "El ángel exterminador" (1962) and "Simeón del desierto" (1965).

Same day, local film critic Juan Antonio García Borrero will give the lecture "Buñuel in Cuba", one of the subjects he tackles in his last book which is still being edited.

According to Pavel Alejandro Barrios, who is in charge of coordinating the project in Camaguey, the photographs were previously exhibited in Madrid under the title: "México photographed by Luis Buñuel", and was sponsored by the Center Buñuel in Calanda and the Filmoteca Española.

Luis Buñuel was born in 1900 in Calanda (Aragon, Spain). He moved to Mexico in 1946 and three years after setting his residence there became Mexican citizen. Most of his work was made in this Latin American country and in France.

(CubaWeb Cadena Agramonte)

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