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Cuba Spain Held Talks on Human Rights
The Spanish delegation is led by the Director General of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Foreign Office of that country Alfonso Lucini Mateo, besides Director General of United Nations, Global Issues and Human Rights Jorge Domecq and the Assistant Director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Jorge Romeo.

Other members of the delegation are Human Rights Office Director Juan Duarte and Deputy Director of the same office Gerardo Fueyo. Spanish ambassador to Cuba Manuel Cacho and other officials of that diplomatic delegation accompanied the representation of that delegation.

The director of Multilateral Issues at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba (MINREX) Rodolfo Reyes, Deputy Director of the Department for Europe at MINREX Jorge Quesada, Socio-Humanitarian Issues Assistant Director Maria del Carmen Herrera and experts Rafael Garcia and Mercedes Martinez also participated in the encounter representing Cuba.

The continuity of this process corroborates the importance and the utility of genuine and respectful dialogue as the only means of support of international cooperation, especially in the area of human rights, as it reads a report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba.


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