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Cuba will Host International Event on Laser Technology
The workshop will take place in parallel with the International Meeting of Optics, Life and Heritage, which will also be organized by the Center of Technological Applications and Nuclear Development (CEADEN) and the Cuban Society of physics (SCF).

According to the website of Radio Rebelde, the event aims at promoting scientific debate, research and application works of international interest related to optics and laser.

Since 1984 Cuba designs, develops and builds laser equipment used in the public health sector with the participation of the Center for Development of Scientific Equipment and Instruments; the institutes of Cybernetics, Mathematics and Physics; the University of Havana and the Jose A. Echeverria Poli-technical higher Institute.

This has contributed to the introduction of this type of equipment in the national network of hospitals and centers for integral physiotherapy of the national primary health care system.

They have also been exported to other countries such as Venezuela and Pakistan.

Being innocuous, painless and easy to use, laser therapy is a top- quality treatment used in ophthalmology, gynecology, neurology, and other fields.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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