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 A great cultural impact to be received by the people from the Cienfuegos Mountains Cuba
Examples of the artistic and literary work from last year were the encounters of Mini-Libraries and Oral narration, which served as a bridge between the experiences of the people from the mountains and creators from the city.

The Workshop of Museology and the Book Festival in the Mountains also took place in the Escambray, which had its national opening in the El Nicho settlement.

For the first time, there will take place the Summer Tour, an unprecedented event, in which every settlement enjoyed a musical and humoristic show in charge of professionals and amateurs from the region.

The force of the Gustav, Ike and Paloma hurricanes activated six brigades made up by more than 120 artists, who performed free activities between the months of September, October and November.

All of the seventeen communities from the southern hills have three video rooms and six television room, two museums, a literary center and the seat of the Conjunto Artístico Integral de Montaña (Mountain Integral Artistic Group), institutions that promote the preservation of the identity values of the mountain people.


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