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The Cuban movie The broken gods and yet another recognition
The popularity award given to Los dioses rotos (The broken gods) did not respond to one of those funny movies with a catch that has been used a hundred times in order to captivate a huge audience. But it went to a piece that stemming from a complicated theme, showed a narration structure of risks, if we take into account that it was the full-length movie debut of Ernesto Daranas.

And The Broken Gods, well directed and performed, gave such a direct hit that it would not be risky to state that it may be classified among the most stimulating opera prima in the history of Cuban cinema.

Already in the festival, a short while before the official awards were made public, the Cuban Movie Press Association, as well as the Cultural journalists circle gave it its respective awards. And now, the first one of those entities, has just selected it among the most important movies screened in the country in the year 2008 (the only Cuban full-length film) and with that choice, justice has been made again.

It is an immense happiness that the public and the specialists of the field (sometimes great adversaries) might coincide.

People have been talking about juries and official awards since that first competition, in cave times, in which the strongest voice in the group –and undoubtedly the winning one- did not receive the crown for reasons that are still a mystery.

But The broken Gods will surely be present in other world festivals and perhaps, they will then.


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