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In Cuba ICAIC Premieres El cuerno de la abundancia
The movies that will exhibit this winning film of the Third Coral Award and the Script Award of the 30th Festival of New Latin American Cinema are Yara, Payret, Acapulco, Lido, Alameda, Ambassador, Regla, Infanta and the usual circuit of the movie halls across the country.

Juan Carlos Tabio has proven with flying colors that he’s not only an excellent comedy director, but that also has a special ‘touch’ to work the intertextualities that allow him, for example, to show everything for the art.

That’s the case of “El Cuerno de la Abundancia”, where a timely story allows (or even refers to) a much wider reading of an apparently familiar event.

It’s not necessary to disclose the vicissitudes of the Castiñeiras (or Castiñeyras?) in the search of an evasive inheritance. Maybe the most important thing is the way where the context, the environment of this family, becomes a reflection on a much wider environment.

In this film adventure, Tabio brings together an excellent team of actors such as Jorge Perugorria, Enrique Molina, Mirtha Ibarra, Tahimi Alvariño, Laura de la Uz, among others, who allow more than one moment of a very Cuban-like hilarity, while the Castiñeiras look for their salvation and we, a reflection.


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