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US president elect Barack Obama Ratifies Promise to Close Gitmo Prison
It is much more difficult than what a lot of people believe, Obama manifested in an interview to US TV network ABC, in reference to the closing of that installation.

"I believe that it will take a time and our legal teams are working in consultings with our national security," he added.

Nevertheless, the future US President that will take office on January 20, assured that he will close the prison, opened up by President George W. Bush to harbor foreign prisoners.

"I don't want to be ambiguous on this. We will close Guantánamo and we want to be sure the procedures that we will use, are respectful of our Constitution", he underlined.

The tortures made there against the prisoners caused hard condemnations in United States and in the international community.

One of the methods that more rejection caused was the feigned drowning, well-known as "submarine" that even took an investigation of the Senate, although the White House defended the practice.


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