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In Pinar del Río, Cuba: Health sector repairs and finishes facilities
The wide restoration process of the sector also included the installation of two boilers and seven cold stores at Abel Santamaría Hospital; repairs to 129 doctor’s offices, “27 de Noviembre Hospital” in Consolación del Sur municipality, and the polyclinic of Santa Cruz.

López Rodríguez highlighted the construction works made at “Comandante Pinares” Hospital in San Cristóbal, which was seriously damaged in several wards and today has repaired a big part of the infrastructure and the services.

In nine rehabilitation centres hydrotherapy services were adapted, the wards and areas of Pepe Portilla, Abel Santamaría, León Cuervo Rubio and III Congreso hospitals are to be restored, as well as the Home for the elder; and 90 air conditioning equipments were installed in clinics and hospitals.

Furthermore, the official informed that the Laundromat of “Pepe Portilla” Hospital is in the completion phase, as well as a block of José Elías Borges polyclinic, two of Manuel González Díaz clinic and the first part of the hospitalization area of Mantua municipality


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