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Tribute to Havana City Historian Eusebio Leal
During a tribute to Leal held at the library, poet and National Literature Laureate Roberto Fernandez Retamar, along with Eduardo Torres Cuevas and researchers Zoila Lapique and Felix Julio Alfonso, spoke about the intellectual achievements and social dedication of Leal, who has been the Havana City Historian since 1968.

"Eusebio has the genius of the word and action. When you listen to him, sometimes you forget that he is a man of enriching action, the proof of which is that he brought Old Havana back to life. And when you see him in action, sometimes you forget that he is a powerful man of words," said Fernandez Retamar, president of the Casa de las Americas.

Researcher Felix Julio Alfonso spoke about Leal’s humanism and intellectual contributions, highlighting the work he has done to rescue and promote Cuban history and to restore the architectural patrimony of Old Havana.

"From the age of the Greeks up until our days, the vicissitudes of historiography have been infinite. But the genuine historian continues to worship lucidity, intelligence, meticulousness of style, purified honesty, and the openness and delights of words well spoken. Eusebio Leal Spengler belongs to this lineage; his eloquence and sagacity are the keys to a teaching that seduces and astonishes us," said Alfonso.

"But his intellectual body of work would be incomplete without the trail he has left behind during more than four decades in the meticulous restoration and in returning the moral dignity to this much-loved little space that is Old Havana," added Alfonso.

Eduardo Torres Cuevas spoke about Leal’s contribution to Cuban culture and to the reaffirmation of pride in the Cuban heritage.

During the celebration, Eusebio Leal was also named Member of Honor of the Historian’s Association at the National Library. Also taking part in the tribute was Graziella Pogolotti, the president of the Alejo Carpentier Foundation, and several representatives from the Cuban arts community.


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