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Cultural Exchange between Cuba and Venezuela to be maintained in 2009
Fernando Rojas, Cuban vice-minister for culture, told AIN that on this 2009, that joined work in Caracas and the state of Miranda will continue with somewhat more than 500 Cuban collaborators and a similar number of Venezuelan collaborators, in the manifestations of music, theater, dance and visual arts.

Resources have been destined to the collaboration between the two countries in order to continue that work which also includes the formation of Venezuelan culture promoters, he added after declaring that the recent inter-governmental Commission that took place in Caracas last December signed the already mentioned agreement.

Today Corazón adentro is already, within the frame of cooperation with Bolivar’s homeland, the flagship in the cultural field, pointed out the vice-minister.

He announced that that initiative will be re-opened shortly since there is a pool of Cuban artists and promoters in the country and their substitutions, without affecting their work in Cuba, and so the mission might grow and extend, he said, when the conditions are right for them.

He said that the third part of the total of those who began that cooperation and of those who are to continue it, are art instructors with a commendable work.

The Venezuelan program Misión Cultura, directed towards the communities, covered in 2008, 98 percent of the national territory with more than 30 thousand activists, according to the Ministry for Culture from the South-American country.


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