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Traveling Exhibition on African Roots Donated to Cuba
The exposition, which was donated to Cuba by one of its coordinators, Luz Maria Martinez Montiel, includes graphs, sculptures, paintings, instruments, carvings and photographs inspired in the Slave Route project created by UNESCO to revalue the African contribution to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Martinez Montiel said that the Fernando Ortiz Foundation in the Cuban capital will house the exposition, whose main objective is to denounce the greatest holocausts suffered by humankind for almost four centuries.

Meanwhile, Jose del Val, director of the ‘Mexico: A Multicultural Nation’ project, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), highlighted the contribution made by several nations to organize the exposition and particularly especially the efforts and talent of his compatriot Luz Martinez Montiel.

For his part, Miguel Barnet, president of the Cuban Artists and Writers Association (UNEAC) and the Fernando Ortiz Foundation, praised the exposition saying that it deals with a very significant topic for Latin American and Caribbean peoples.

Barnet said that for Cuba, rather than a third root, Africa is one of the essential sources of its culture, on a par with Europe and Asia, since it put an indelible stamp on it and contributed a component of resistance that defines it so well.


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