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President Raul Castro Calls to Preserve Essence of Revolution
In a speech marking the 50th anniversary of the Jan. 1, 1959 Revolution, the Cuban head of state said they should never be misled by the enemy’s siren songs and be aware that the enemy will never cease to be aggressive, treacherous and dominant.

Future Cuban leaders should never distance themselves from our workers, our farmers and the people at large, added Raul Castro, who also said that Communist Party members must prevent the destruction of the organization.

“Let’s learn from history. If they act consistently, they will always have the support of the people, even if they make mistakes which do not breach basic principles,” he pointed out.

In Raul Castro´s opinion, it befits the historical leadership of the Revolution to prepare the new generations to take up the enormous responsibility of continuing to carry forward the revolutionary process.

The Cuban President also quoted Fidel Castro’s words at the University of Havana on November 17, 2005 when the now ailing Cuban leader warned that “this country could destroy itself, this Revolution could destroy itself, but they [the enemy] cannot destroy it. We could destroy it ourselves, and it would only be our fault.”

Speaking beneath the balcony where Fidel Castro declared victory 50 years ago, Raul Castro said he was speaking on behalf of all those who have been fighting from the moment the first shots were fired on the walls of the Moncada barracks 55 years ago and of those who fulfilled heroic internationalist missions.

“If the leaders´ actions were inconsistent with such principles, they would even lack the strength and the opportunity to rectify, since they would fail to have the moral authority that the masses only grant to those who never back from the struggle,” he added.

Nobody should have any doubt that if that would ever happen our people would put up a fight, and today’s mambises would be in the frontline; that they would never be ideologically disarmed nor would they ever let down their sword, Raul Castro stressed.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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