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In Camaguey Cuba Science and Images side by side
Fidel’s idea of having a universal and free Health Care System became a fact many years ago, that is one of the main reasons for celebration.

The largest Caribbean island not only shows First World features regarding infant mortality and life expectancy but also provides excellent Health Care service despite its high cost.

As soon as “Manuel Ascunce” General Hospital was inaugurated back in 1962, Radiology services were available for everyone in the city; eventually, modern technology was brought to the institution such as ultrasound and ACT (Axial Computerized Tomography).

Some time later, MRI (Magnetic Resonance) equipment was installed and, lately, Doppler ultrasound was introduced in 2008. Since then, Radiology service is composed by traditional X-Rays department, diagnosis and interventionist ultrasound, ACT and MRI; an approximate cost of $2 200 000 Cuban Convertible Pesos. Just to mention an example, in any part of the world, a search using the Doppler system costs $200.00 USD, in Cuba is totally free.

Professor José Ramón Guerra Menéndez, head of the Center, informed that around 290 patients use these services daily. There is all kind of medical image devices for urgent cases, added professor Guerra.

The Center staff is made of 58 workers, 25 of them doctors. Ten practitioners are specialized, precisely, in computerized medical images.
These professionals guarantee the quality of teaching process not only in the territory but also in nearby provinces like Ciego de Ávila and Las Tunas.

The Center is considered as one of the best in the whole country.
The commitment showed by the staff of the Center is not only familiar to patients that regularly attend “Manuel Ascunce Doménech” General Hospital, six of their members are providing medical assistance abroad, defending the principles and values of a Revolution that is celebrating half a century anniversary.


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