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In Cuba Solar Energy for Historic Mountain Homes
The Center for the Implementation of Technologies for Sustainable Development (CATEDES) sponsored this specific project in the place where Lino de las Mercedes Alvarez once led 5,000 locals in the cry of Land or Blood.

Osmany Garrido, the engineer supervising the electrification project, told ACN that it took place in the community of El Güiral, and that 8 watt, energy-saving light bulbs were used.

Limited electricity had been available before from the operation of a contaminating diesel plant. Likewise, the widespread use of firewood to cook food was also detrimental to the environment.

The project also included the planting of a 0.2 hectare tree nursery with the purpose of reforesting the banks of the Jaibo River with ocuje, cedar and mango trees at the base of the mountain range visited by patriot Pablo de la Torriente Brau during the first half of the 20th century.

In his article Realengo 18, the Cuban revolutionary writer advises prudence to those wishing to try and take these mountains, where "each defender with a rifle can face ten men without fear of bullets."

And, Pablo added: "and while crossing any of its ravines, a single machinegun can put an end to the lives of one thousand men!"


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