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Zambia President Praises Achievements of Cuban Revolution
Zambia's president, Rupiah Banda, praised the Cuban Revolution's achievements, especially in the sectors of healthcare and education and said it was an example for the Third World Countries.

Banda made the statements upon welcoming the new Cuban ambassador to his country at a solemn ceremony. He appreciated the Cuban help to Zambia in the training of human resources by granting scholarships, reported the Cuban Foreign Ministry's website.

The resistance of the Cuban people to the economic blockade imposed by the U.S against the island for nearly half a century, and also the hurricanes that hit the country in 2008 was also noted by Mr. Banda.

The Zambian President congratulated the Cuban people on the 50th anniversary of the Revolution and reiterated the support of his country for the island.

Likewise, the Cuban ambassador Carmelina Ramirez thanked the president for his country's stance against the American blockade on Cuba and in favour of the island's fight for the release of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who have been imprisoned in U.S jails for more than 10 years. Ramirez also talked about the long history of bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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