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Cuba Reduces Infant Mortality Rate to 4.7
According to Deputy Health Minister Joaquin Garcia Salabarria, nine out of the country’s 14 provinces maintained their infant mortality rates under five in 2008.

Garcia Salabarria gave several reasons why Cuba is a leading medical power in the world.

He said that the Caribbean nation has similar and, in some cases, even better health indicators than First World countries and also because of the existence of a public health system with free and universal access for all the people.

The official also referred to the human capital created by this system and also the training of human resources for Cuba and for many countries around the world as well as Cuba’s assistance to several nations.

In addition, he stressed the implementation and development of advanced technologies in the field of public health and the creation and production of vaccines, medical equipment, biotechnological products and other medicines.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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