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Cuba Over 2 million voluntary blood donations for the past five years
CDR National Coordinator Juan Jose Rabilero called this contribution to improve the peoples’ living standards altruistic, solidary and humane.

He added that most donations occurred between 2003 and 2004 with over 528,000 but declined from 2005 in line with hospital demand and medical productions.

Among other, Rabilero especially lauded the Interior Ministry and Armed Forces, construction companies, schools and unions.

Grouping 137,000 donors in 1,800 groups is a formula for unity, organization and means to provide its members better attention and secure commitment with this task.

Since the UN established the World's Donor' Day on June 14, 2004, the CDR rate blood extraction at 19.2 per every people, a rate that earned a medal from the Pan-American Health Organization.


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