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Cuba First Vice President Machado Ventura in Sancti Spiritus
The Cuban Party leader also said that there are still many possibilities to be exploited, but the in-charge-of-production entities need to organize and improve their duties.  

When meeting the workers and managing staff from Yaguajay’s Valle de Caonao agriculture enterprise, Machado referred to the need for growing grains taking into consideration that the country is currently importing the 80% of such foodstuffs.

The soil has to be better exploited while taking advantages of the new technologies. On the other hand, the workers need to be encouraged in order to achieve higher productivity and efficiency without neglecting the quality of the products, pointed out Machado.  

The Cuban leader also met with the workers from a local seed farm where the transgenic corn seeds were first planted. He told them about the convenience of implementing every possible strategy to support fair wages out of the production's final results. Such kind of strategy –when well implemented- allows both the staff stability and the workers’ productivity.


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