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In Camaguey Cuba Ignacio Agramonte remembered
After the speeches prepared for the occasion, several flowers were laid at the marble bust located at the patio of the museum; weather conditions though, did hamper the regular pilgrimage to Parque Agramonte, where a hero’s horse statue stands, a monument that is considered a city icon.

Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz was born on December 23, 1841 at 5, Calle de la Soledad, a street known as Estrada Palma during republican times and which bears the name of the independence war leader nowadays. His parents were Ignacio Agramonte y Sánchez Pereira and María Filomena Loynaz y Caballero.

After graduating from law school in 1867, his political and military career developed vigorously in such a way that he became the most outstanding leader from the region in the war against Spanish domain.

His political talent was ever present during significant historical events like Paradero de Minas Meeting and The Constitution of Guáimaro; his soldier skills turned Camagüey’s cavalry into a lethal and feared force, undefeated even in the battled that caused him his death.

Because of his significance for the region, Camagüey’s inhabitants are called agramontinos after him, a tribute to the one called by the National Hero, José Martí, as a diamond soul kiss”.


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