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The book collects 50 articles published in the Juventud Rebelde newspaper, between august 2004 and January 2007. The book has just been edited and presented at the national headquarters of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists

(UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish) with the presence of authors, journalists, friends and general public.

The researcher Nara Araujo, qualified the volume as the result of a sharp ear and an awake memory, with a touch of taste. In the prologue of the book, she called it a story of stories that from reality turn the stories told by the narrator into fable universes.

The chronicle of Bianchi Ross, one of the more read Cuban media professionals, go from the social events of the pseudo-republic, the politics, the crimes, the radio novels and the media until the most diverse daily events.

Those are forgotten stories; events form the past seen with the optic of the present, confessed the writer in the presentation of this third book that collects that column he maintains every Sunday for seven years already.

This title of Union Editions is one of the over 30 book publishing by this company that will be present in the coming book event.


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