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In Cuba Recognition to creators in FIART 2008
There were seven prizes for pieces for the excellent quality shown which were given to the visiting artists from Syria, Indonesia and to Alfonso Sapya, from Mallorca (Spain). Also, among the local representation the recognition went to the Reyes Vargas family for their stand of local Industries (Granma), Eduardo Núñez Villavicencio, Fernando Velázquez and Carlos Manuel Puyalena, all of them from the City of Havana. Mentions were also given to ARTEX and to the knitted basket set from Trinidad.

The stand award, with a mention for goldsmith work from the capital and the Group from the Villa Clara Filial, went to Tendencias, from the Formas gallery, while the wardrobe design award went for 2009 Propuestas collection, by Oscar de la Portilla (Villa Clara) and the Retro collection, by Mayra Sierra (Matanzas). Mentions went to the Mariposa de Nácar collection, by the artist Viera Reynoso, and the collection Experimental Design Workshop School by designers Jesús Frías and Frank Quevedo.

During the closing ceremony there were present Julio Ballester, vice-minister for culture, Guillermo Solenzal, president of the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (FCBC in Spanish); and Dámaso Crespo, president of the Cuban Association of Artists and Artisans; as well as artists, creators and artisans.

FIART 2008, dedicated to the province of Sancti Spíritus, closes the tribute for the 30th anniversary of the FCBC. The next edition of the Festival, from December 10 to 20, 2009, will pay tribute to the City of Havana.


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