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Cuban filmmaker Fernando Perez visited Lebanon
The Director of the Institute, Paul Mattar, opened the Festival with the presentation of the jury integrated by actors, directors, writers and critics from diverse parts of the planet, and presented also the eminent Cuban filmmaker, Fernando Perez, who introduced his film in a the Festival hall crowded with an audience which welcomed with warm applauses and interest both the words of Perez, as well of the screening of the movie.

The International School of Cinema and TV of San Antonio de los Baños, is participating in this event for the first time with four short films selected for the competition, from its newly graduated students Claudia Calderon ( "The Year of the Pig"), David Covo ( "The orphaned Garden”), Laimir Fano (" Model Town ") and Alana Simoes (" I dual ").

The festival ended with the presentation of the awards of the jury.

Fernando Perez took the oportunity to get in contact with Lebanese filmmakers and let them know about the Cuban filmography and vice versa.

(EmbaCuba Líbano)

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