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Cuban Experts Awarded by Pan American Railway Congress
The Pan-American Railway Congress Association granted an award to Cuban engineers Jose Leyva Perez, Carlos Recarey Morfa and Gregorio Aragon Lopez, for a project that contributed to increase the safety in the sector.

"The Cuban experience on the study of bridges and the research on safe, economic and efficient restoration and conservation methods, to ensure the safety in the movement of trains," was the theme, reported the Opciones weekly newspaper.

The continental award was approved by the 21st Congress of the Association that took place last year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The prize was handed over by the director of railroad transportation of the Cuban transport ministry, Ricardo Aguiar.

Civil Engineer and Doctor in Sciences, Carlos Recarey Morfa, said the group that led the project was made up of experts with the transport ministry and researchers of the Central University of Las Villas, in the central province of Villa Clara.

The awarded project was aimed at fixing the deterioration of the railroad bridges through a method that was successfully used in Cuba and that allowed the circulation of new trains.

Engineers Jose Leyva Perez, Gregorio Aragón Lopez said they received the award with the satisfaction of knowing their country is benefiting from their work.


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