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 Secretary of Communist Party Praises Recovery of Las Tunas Cuba after Hurricanes
The highest political leader of the province asserted that it was possible due to the active participation of the state ministries and of the population in the tasks to recoup the damages of the two natural disasters as soon as possible. He also highlighted that the eight municipalities have restablished the electricity services, the telephony and the supply of water.

According to a wire from the Cuban News Agency (ACN) in Las Tunas, this region has advanced notably in the repair of schools, of assistance centers, of industries and of other damaged facilities, while with the support of the residents more than 1, 400, 000 cubic meters of debris have been picked up in the communities.

The territory also advances in the rehabilitation of those more than 80, 000 housings, damaged by the two meteorological disasters, in dependence of the available material resources.

Las Tunas, 690 kilometers to the east of Havana, has been historically that of less affectation in Cuba by the hurricanes, because it is protected in the east by four mountainous provinces; however, Ike and Paloma caused to this region considerable losses in its agricultural fields, housings, and social, productive facilities.


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