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In Havana Jojazz 2008 Awards
First prize for interpretation in the young adult category went to Josue Borges Meresma; second to Alejandro Delgado Rodriguez, and third to Junior Alfonso Paret. In the minors category first prize went to Cesar Filiu Douglas, second to Jose Ernesto Romer and third to Eduardo Campos Reiad. The award for small format went to the Aire de Concierto Group with a special mention to the Jose White sextet.

First and third prizes for composition were declared vacant while second prize went to Jorge Aragon Brito for his work En un espacio de tiempo. Several special mentions were also presented for composition.

The closing evening program included performances by pianists Alejandro Calderon, Abel Falcon and Dayramir Gonzalez of Las Alturas de Simpson, the first danzon composed by Miguel Failde; Rompiendo la rutina, a danzonete by Aniceto Diaz; and Almendra, by Abelardito Valdes. The evening showcased the young musicians’ drive to go beyond salsa fusion or timba-jazz and incorporate a wide spectrum of the jazz tradition along with Cuban rhythms and current trends.


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